From Bale to Box with Varnamo-Sangklader - Case study

From bale to box - Borsoi - Varnamo Project

In this case study, Borsoi analyses the technical design contribution to a historic international textile company: Varnamo-Sangklader. 

Varnamo-Sangklader is a qualified Swedish company in the textile sector since the 1950s. It focuses on products such as cushions and quilts, especially with synthetic fibres as filling materials. Today it is the only Swedish company that continues to produce locally. To do so, it must reach levels of competitiveness based on the impeccable quality of the product and the high degree of innovation of the internal production line to increase efficiency and savings. Moreover, for companies with these daily challenges, being competitive in the market means being more and more flexible with respect to the types of products, and increasingly faster in their processing. 

The case study in question sees Borsoi partnering with Varnamo-Sangklader to meet these needs.

Business needs of Varnamo-Sangklader

The partnership between Varnamo-Sangklader and Borsoi began in 2017, with the requests for the implementation of the production line shown below. 

The general objective was to increase the production capacity of the entire line. 

In detail, priority was given to the possibility of allowing the filling phase to manage more than one filling material on the same line. A brief point should be made with respect to this possibility, since the main technologies available on the market today allow us to produce a very limited set of products, precisely because of the inability to manage more filling materials, with a consequent increase in costs for alternative production equipment. 

Another shared result in the implementation was the achievement of the general automation applied to the production line, which sees the use, as for the system ‘from Bale to Box’ presented at Heimtextil 2019 (link inside the article), two Fanuc robotic arms adapted for gripping functions of the unfinished product. This introduction allows a lower use of personnel in the field of wearing and repetitive processing, and can reach the production capacity of 3840 cushions in a work shift of 8 hours. 

Subsequent implementation designed by Borsoi for Varnamo-Sangklader is the application that gives the name to the system ‘from Bale to Box’, that is the line that allows the automation of the very first phase of fiber opening, and the end of the line, with the phase of packaging and carton box forming automated (link inside the article). With the implementation of these phases, the production cycle is closed.

What is the system ‘from Bale to Box’?

Discover all the details of the ‘from Bale to Box’ system and its evolution since 2018 in the following articles (links below) 

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The timing of the Borsoi project ‘from Bale to Box’ for Varnamo-Sangklader

The design phase of the ‘from Bale to Box’ line for Varnamo-Sangklader lasted about 8 months, during which Borsoi and Varnamo-Sangklader were able to deal with all the technical issues applied to their specific core business. 

Subsequently, once the line had been implemented, a week of machine testing was carried out. The following training phase of the line took place at the Borsoi production site in Vittorio Veneto (TV), and lasted two weeks, with the rapid achievement of the fully optimized and operational line. In total, the commissioning phase (all under the responsibility of Borsoi Srl) lasted less than a month, from installation to start-up and complete production of the line. 

‘from Bale to Box’ for small textile businesses

The ‘from Bale to Box’ system represents innovation for small textile businesses, and for this reason Borsoi wants to share with interested companies the technical details and specifications carried out on individual projects, such as the customization for Varnamo-Sangklader.

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