In the Industry is very common to have scrap down materials (too small for being used as a high-end filling product), natural products like cotton (and others) or foam.

A customer of us decided years ago to find a way to reuse such scrap materials for creating an insulating panel to be used for very different applications like jacket, automotive inner parts, …

Some of those insulating material is used in astronaut suits!

By cooperating with BORSOI a fully automatic line has been developed in order to create a super-flexible solution able to prepare panels with different height and weight per square meter with a very high accuracy.

The key technology of the solution is the BORSOI ALAN BELT, an automatic system for dosing and weighing any material while it is forming a layer by using a continuous weighing technology on belts.

The process includes the following key steps:

  • Raw material inlet storage
  • Mixing with low-melting plastic components (which will act as glue)
  • Create an extremely precise flat panel of the material
  • Cure the panel into an oven
  • Final cutting and packing

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