What about using a natural product like flowers as a filling material for your fashion jacket?

It sounds great but impossible. Well, it is not true. It is not simple but it is possible.

Thanks to a cooperation with a customer, BORSOI developed a turn key solution in order to process natural flowers and transform them from a scrap material into a worthy product suitable for filling jackets and other home textile products.

The process includes the following key steps:

  • Material cleaning for removing dust and seeds. In certain case seeds are collected in order to be used for other productions like edible oils 
  • Mixing with other materials if required
  • Provide a special surface treatment (by using specially developed nano-materials) in order to add some special features like anti-static, water-proof and slippery feeling 
  • Stock the finished filling products into big bags and/or storage units
  • Pre-processing of the material at the filling location in case of compressed bag supply

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