Product pick up

Home textile and apparel products arrives from different production line and from there we need to pack them by folding, piling and bagging (plus other possible secondary packaging).

BORSOI provides solution for creating the desire automation from the product inlet to the desired processing and packaging line.


BORSOI provides different solution in order to fold home textile products like quilts and other apparels by using a fully automatic system. The systems are designed in order to grant the maximum flexibility in folding (lengthwise and diagonal), pattern requirements and sizes. The folded products can be moved then to a stuffing machine (in order to place the products into a plastic bag) or to a multipack (pile) forming unit.


ALAN MULTIPACK is a system designed for preparing automatically a textile product pile with the desired numbers of parts before going to the following packaging solution. The machine is flexible for managing all different product sizes and it is could come in combination with a stuffing machine or with an automatic plastic bag packaging, flat packing and carton boxing solutions.

Material automatic warehousing

Any home textile and apparel products can be stocked in a fully automatic vertical warehouse in order to optimize the space occupancy, the material pick up and the warehouse level management. Feel free to ask us about a proposal in order to optimize the inner material flow logistic.

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