Borsoi was founded in 2014 as a company for the promotion and sale of automatic pre-weighing and filling machines for down jackets produced by Borsoi Michele’s B&B. The history of the company Borsoi Michele’s B&B is much longer: it was founded in 1985 as a company that initially dealt with the sale and technical assistance of industrial sewing machines. At the end of the 90’s, the founder Michele Borsoi, thanks to his deep technical skills, developed the first automatic pre-weighing and filling machine for padded down jackets. Starting from the experience developed in the fashion industry, in the following years various filling systems were also developed for other sectors, mainly in the home fashion sector.
In the last few years Borsoi has extended its business both as regards the development of new technologies and in the promotion of these products in all areas of the world: today Borsoi designs, produces and sells, in addition to pre-weighing and filling machines, a range of complete solutions for producers of upholstered textile articles, i.e. systems for the processing and storage of filling materials, robotic sewing systems and automatic packaging systems for the home fashion products. These solutions best represent the company philosophy: to provide automatic solutions “from Bale to Box”, automatic line from the preparation of materials to the final packaging of the finished product.
Borsoi supports any customer by choosing together with him the production scenario that best meets their needs, taking into account the increasingly evident problems related to the scarce availability of skilled labor, guaranteeing the repeatability of the production process, ample flexibility and reduced footprint.
BORSOI has reached a high degree of specialization and is a technological partner whose main objective is to offer its customers innovative and competitive solutions for every specific need.
Building a transparent and open dialogue with customers remains one of the most important values ​​that make BORSOI the point of reference in the complex world of the textile industry.

The tangible advantage of adopting Borsoi solutions is being able to rapidly reach a ROI that facilitates the investment: our machines are characterized by the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) on the market. This means that the Borsoi systems generate a ROI not only as regards the return of purchasing costs but also of all the other costs that are incurred during the entire life cycle of the machine.

BORSOI is a member of ISPA (International Sleep products Association)
BORSOI is a member of IDFB (International Down and Feather Bureau)

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Born B&B of Michele Borsoi – Industrial sewing machines


The first machine for filling duvets is created


The new line of pillow filling machines is patented ALAN PILLOW


It is introduced on the market ALAN BLACK SPOT


The line of filling machinery for bed linen products has been completed
The line of filling machinery for bed linen products has been completed BORSOI Srl


New family of ALAN BEDDING for quilts – Complete turnkey solution


More than 400 machines produced and installed all over the world


Over 500 machines produced and installed worldwide


Introductions of the new modular automatic systems ALAN PILLOW A and ALAN BEDDING A


Introduction and development of the “from Bale to Box” approach with the first robotic systems


Development and installation of the new generation automatic pillow closing machines ALAN FLEX SEW


New BORSOI headquarters (3000 m2)


Development and installation of the new generation packaging machines ALAN FLEX PACK and ALAN FLEX BOX

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