The customer is at the core of our business. Our mission is to listen to you, understand your specific circumstances, offer appropriate solutions, impeccable service and give you more value. Would you like to share your ideas? BORSOI believe that sustainable practices and good business go hand in hand to the benefit of all. In a circular economy, the value of products and materials is maintained for as long as possible. Waste and resource use are minimised, and when a product reaches the end of its life, it is used again to create further value. BORSOI is continuously developing solutions for reducing resource use and find a way to create value from scraps and recycled materials by reusing them into new products. With these starting points we are working for giving new values to several textile industry scraps and transform natural materials (fibres and flowers) into sustainable filling products. Nearly everything is possible – it is your choice!


System for extracting and recovering down or feathers from padded products
It is a solution that satisfies the needs of recycling and separation of the padding material (such as down and feathers) from the rest of the padded product to be recycled, coming from post-consumption or unsold products.
The items to be recycled are shredded by a shredder and placed in a selection tower, in which air flows and dedicated organs separate the duvet from the textile part and from the other elements that made up the original product.

  • Selection
  • Shredding
  • Separation
  • Storage
  • Traceability

A dedicated project for using a natural starting byproduct like flowers (others are possible) by cleaning and processing them in order to get a suitable filling material for many applications by using nano-material additives for getting specific technical features.

  • Material cleaning
  • Mixing
  • Surface treatment
  • Bagging and storing
  • Filling

A unique fully automatic solution for removing black spots from down materials. By using the most updated digital camera technology BORSOI Alan Black Spot can get the highest super white quality level of your down.

  • Down storage
  • Dosing
  • Black spot removing process
  • Bagging and storing

Recycling scrap materials and give a new life is always on top of BORSOI mind, very different applications have been placed in operations for recovery down, leather, shredded foam and other material scraps for forming new insulating products in panel for many different applications.

  • Polyester fiber bale opening
  • Polyester fiber fine opening
  • Foam granulation
  • Filling material storage
  • Mixing with technical fibres
  • Dosing and distributing
  • Processing
  • Forming and cutting

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