The world of pillow production is the most diverse when it comes to shape, type of fabric, filling material and finished product packaging. Final consumer requirements are evolving every day creating a vibrant market, a market which must reinvent itself continuously. BORSOI technology adapts to the market needs by making possible to use all different type of filling materials like polyester fibres, cluster fibres, microfibres, down feather, foam and all different type of emerging natural products like wool, kapok and flowers, or a blend of these products. Moreover, any manufacturer is looking for a different production process and level of automatisation. In order to satisfy all customer needs, BORSOI is proposing a complete range of products from semi-automatic stand alone machines to turn-key solution with a “from Bale to Box” approach: a fully automatic pillow line all the way from the raw material processing to the final desired packaging. Nearly everything is possible – it is your choice!


A good finished product starts from a good quality filling material. The increasing use of different natural and synthetic materials (virgin and recycled) demands for various technologies in order to prepare a filling material for the following pre-weighing and filling step.

  • Polyester fiber bale opening
  • Polyester fiber fine opening
  • Fiber ball forming system
  • Wadding recycling unit
  • Feather bale opening
  • Foam granulator
  • Storage unit
  • Mixing unit

The automatic pre-weighing and filling process is based on the unique BORSOI concept, a technology that permits to match the leading best performances in terms of weight accuracy and speed. 35+ years of experience and a continuous technology evolution are keeping BORSOI in the lead.

  • Pillow shell forming
  • Pillow shell automatic warehousing
  • Pillow shell unfolding and loading
  • Filled pillow unloading

Closing a pillow is a combination of specific skills and long experience: only the right combination of the two grants the aesthetic and quality of a finished pillow. Closing is traditionally done by a skilled operator (a more and more scarse resource) and manual sewing machine. BORSOI closing solutions introduces a real fully automatic approach in a very traditional area.

  • Manual and automatic lockstitch closing
  • Manual and automatic overlock closing
  • Manual and automatic ultrasonic welding
  • Pillow levelling
  • Metal detection
  • UV processing

Any pillow has to delivered to the end user and packing is a key element of the overall product. The wrapping material and the packaging shape are becoming more and more a marketing item: the pillow packaging serves to contain, identify, describe, protect, display, promote and otherwise make the product marketable and keep it clean.

  • Plastic bag packing
  • Flat packing
  • Carton box erection
  • Box filling
  • Big bag filling
  • Palletization
  • Stretch wrapping
  • Automatic warehousing

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