Core pick up

Foam and latex pillows start with the related insert. Such insert is produced by using different solutions and technology from specialized supplier. Foam and latex cores are usually available at the injection molds, from there they have to be placed on a curing station for a certain period of time (usually 24hrs). Only after that inner the foam and latex part can be processed for becoming a pillow.
BORSOI provides solution for creating the desire automation from the injection molds and the pillow production line.

Core stuffing

A complete set of ALAN STUFFER machines are available for inserting the foam/latex core inside of the related pillow cover. Those machines are designed in order to manage very different core sizes, thickness and stiffness.

Pillow shell automatic warehousing

Pillow shells can be stocked in a fully automatic vertical warehouse in order to optimize the space occupancy, the material pick up and the warehouse level management. Feel free to ask us about a proposal in order to optimize the inner material flow logistic.

Pillow shell unfolding and loading

Some foam and latex core production lines are heavy speed and so they require a higher degree of automation for producing the related finished pillows.
BORSOI is providing an integrated automatic solution for unfolding the pillow shell, compress the inner core and stuff it into the shell and close it with the desired seaming. From there the pillow can be moved to the packaging line if present.

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