Filling Machine Fashion Line


A 2-scale automatic machine with an air injection system for the forced and dosed filling of feathers into padded clothing items.

ALAN PIUMA is a machine designed to carry out filling operations with a maximum weight of feathers of 70 g. For this purpose, the machine is fitted with a large storage box that can contain up to 15 kg of down feathers. A suction system situated close to the injector unit makes it possible to collect the flock of feathers that were dispersed the moment in which the item filled by the injector unit is removed and therefore, to keep the working environment healthy and clean. It is the perfect system for all large-chamber padded items (including sleeping bags) or in all products where high thermal insulation must be guaranteed.

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Fino a 70 gr. (80/20 feather)

1100 fillings/hr

up to 0,1 gr


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