Filling Machine Fashion Line


A 2-scale automatic machine with a double injection system for the forced and dosed filling of feathers into padded clothing items.

ALAN PIUMA 2IN is an automated machine equipped with a double injection system: an air injection system and a thrust injection system. In order to carry out the weighting cycle, after having calculated the weight of feathers required for each individual weighting, uses either one or the other injection method in an automatic mode. For weightings exceeding 5 g, the machine is automatically set to work with the air injection system (injector Ø 50 mm) while for weightings less than 5 g, the machine uses the thrust injection system (injector Ø 18,5 mm). ALAN PIUMA 2IN is the perfect choice if you wish to have the maximum production flexibility, to manage both extremely small and large weights of feathers.

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air + injection push

1100 fillings/hr

up to 0,1 gr

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