Filling Machine Upholstery Line


A modular automatic system with an air injection system for the forced and dosed filling of feathers into pillows

ALAN PILLOW A represents an entirely modular approach to fulfil all the production needs within the sector of pillows and cushions within the interior furnishing sector that require high and extremely high production capacities as well as a minimum present of operators.
ALAN PILLOW A can be configured with a number of pre-weighting modules (from 3 to 10) depending on the hourly production rate required. In the same way, the air injection units can be configured and personalised to enable the completely automatic transfer to the closure system by means of an anthropomorphic robot.
The system can process all types of filling material, from feathers/down feathers to the various types of synthetic fibres, from the most varied recycled and composite materials.
ALAN PILLOW A is a fundamental element of the BORSOI automatic pillow manufacturing lines and it guarantees the best ROI (Return of Investment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) on the market.

ALAN PILLOW A is a completely modular solution to be tailored on customer needs

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Alan Pillow A



9-36 pillows/min

5-2000 gr

from 3 to 10

1,0 gr

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