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The BORSOI development plan to meet the challenges of the textile market

The deep transformation of the textile sector

The textile industry, which includes an active and pulsating reality like BORSOI, is going through a period of profound transformation whose key factors are certainly the increasingly demanding consumers, logistics, the curve of specialization of the workforce and a market increasingly often crossed by real global trade wars and as many rapid and unpredictable dynamics.

The causes of change

As consumer needs become more and more sophisticated, in terms of products tailored to personal needs (customization pushed), new materials and use of essences with functional advantages, in the field of textile industry we are witnessing an ever-increasing intensification of dynamics such as:

  • Problems of logistics costs and times
  • Real trade wars exploited by duties and taxes
  • Reshoring, i.e. the need to have the productive part close to the final market
  • The difficulty in finding skilled labor
  • The resulting flexible automation for competitive purposes
  • The marked trend towards all that is green and the minimization of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) through more appropriate materials and processes
  • The increasingly rapid market dynamics (less and less product life time), which require the selection of increasingly structured and faster reacting technological partners

Discover BORSOI’s new automated approach ‘From bale to box’ for textile companies.

The BORSOI development plan

BORSOI, a leading company in the field of industrial textile machinery, has focused, in the light of these profound transformations, a multi-year development plan on new technologies, skills, best practices and global coverage, with the aim of becoming a worldwide reference company for these lines of development.

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Open and transparent approach

The approach towards customers, suppliers and partners of BORSOI remains open and transparent: only the combination of these two elements on a fiduciary basis can allow to achieve innovative results in a short time within a market, such as that of the textile industry, crossed by so many variables and uncertainties.

The fronts of the BORSOI action plan

With this in mind, BORSOI has opened a preferential channel for the exchange of information with key customers and other leaders in the textile machinery sector, to create effective synergies, broadened the supplier base by expanding production capacity, invested in internal resources and new skills (SW, artificial intelligence, helpdesk, technical offices, sales) and creating a horizontal partnership with market leaders such as ACG KINNA and CCS.

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The horizontal partnership BORSOI

The partnership between BORSOI and the companies ACG KINNA and CCS is a key point of the scheduled development plan, as it allows to create a single base with all the necessary skills on which to develop the products and final solutions BORSOI.

The collaboration between an Italian, Swedish and American company has led to the resolution of further challenges in order to manage different corporate cultures, personal and languages.

These differences, once overcome the first phase of understanding and defining how to work together, have proven to be a key added value to cover the global market, share and increase skills, develop new solutions, better understand the needs of customers (current and future).

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