Filling the future

At the ITMA 2019 Borsoi presented the first fully automated pillow shell filling and closing production line, during the days of ITMA 2023 Borsoi exhibits the evolution of such approach, the fully automatic shell forming, reversing, filling and closing production line.

That’s the extension of the concept called “From Bale to Box” as an evolution of what was proposed at ITMA 2019.

Discover the technical details below and ask to reserve an appointment to receive all the information during the live demonstration at ITMA 20239 by contacting us at


The first step of the process is the innovative shell forming process that is executed form the new model ALAN SHELL MATIC machine. That machine is composed by a loading area, one cutting device with motorized axel, one robot with pattern tool, n.1 sewing head and a discharge area, all in a very compact design. The ALAN SHELL MATIC cuts the two textile parts of the shell from the textile unwound by the rollers and set them in a defined position where the robot can reach and move them toward the seaming head. When required, the cut of the trim is ensured from a dedicated device. The solution exposed to ITMA 2023 is equipped with cross chain seaming machine and it is connected to the turning inside out station, this process is required for aesthetical requirements. Then one robot with dedicated clamps pics the shell and inserts it to the automatic pre-weighing and filling machine ALAN PILLOW A 0302. In that stage, the pillow shell is padded and it assumed the final shape. A second robot pics and place the pillow to the automatic pillow-closing machine ALAN FLEX SEW ML-1, so the pillow is finally closed. The shell forming and pillow filling and closing process is complete, the whole line include two robot and four machine designed according the “From Bale To Box “ design.

The solution proposed to the visitor of ITMA 2023 is the most flexible option, while others solutions are available having different trade-off such as the efficiency or the performance.


The production line “from Bale to Box” is the answer form the customer needs to be equipped with a complete automated or semi-automated padded item production line. Customers can have from Borsoi solutions ready to use instead of selecting each single machines and undertake the effort to integrate them into a complete line, struggling to let all works together, with the risks to underperform the process or having pour quality results.

Borsoi is challenging the #FromBaleToBox concept.

Starting with all-around consultancy, we will provide the production line that fit any customer needs, target, and specification.

#BaleToBox line is more than the sum of the single parts:

1. it is a common control supervision system;

2. It is a harmonic sequence of actions who produce filled items in reliable and constant way;

3. it is a web integrate service linked to supplier;

4. it is a tailor made solution for the customer reality;

5. it is an integral solution for the padded items production, including the packaging and boxing for a complete “From Bale to Box” solution.

The “From Bale to Box” concept leads the primacy of the creation of new generation production lines for the textile sector, applying the philosophy of Open Innovation to its projects, i.e. the ability to design and develop innovative solutions based on the principles of Industry 4.0 for always different application fields.

ITMA 2023 is the chance to visitor to assist to the demonstration of such huge innovation about and to receive the technical details directly by Borsoi, with the focus on the former and last production phases: material process, shell forming, packaging and carton box forming for logistics.

Another front of innovation customers can find to the stand of Borsoi ITMA 2023 is the approach to generate high value textile products starting from all natural resources or from scrap textile materials. The Company is promoting the Product Lifecycle Management to textile material and to the filling products, promoting an effective Circular Economy in textile applications.

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