Filling Machine Fashion Line


A 4-scale automatic machine with a continuous thrust-injection system for the filling of spheroidal nucleus polyester fibre into padded clothing items.

P4 SINT is at the top of a series of “polyester fibre filling machines” designed for the “Down Alternatives” clothing sector, or rather the alternative use of the fibre-balls as a filling material for jackets, where there is the need to carry out precise weightings and to uniformly distribute the fibre inside a channel to be filled. ALAN P4 SINT has a special injection system that produces a constant flow of fibre for every filling operation that uniformly fills the channel. This injection system avoids the manual beating of the clothing items to uniformly distribute the fibre and therefore, the advantage of using this new machine is the significant reduction of production time and moreover, a distribution of fibre that is more uniform when compared to the traditional method.

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Alan Sp Sint 1-2


continuous push injection

Up to 8gr (fiber ball)

1 or 2

up to 0,1 gr

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