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Rolled carded fiber pillows

Rolled carded fiber (Garnetted) pillows are one of the most used solutions for hospitality industry, health care centres and others. It is a very well-known technology for producing a pillow and it is still well present in the market despite it is not passed through technical innovations along the years.
BORSOI technology adapts to the market needs by making possible to use all different type of filling materials like polyester fibres, cluster fibres, microfibres and all different type of emerging natural products like wool, kapok and flowers, or a blend of these products.

In order to satisfy all customer needs, BORSOI is proposing a turn-key solution with a “from Bale to Box” approach: a fully automatic pillow line all the way from the raw material processing to the final desired packaging in case of green field project.
Or we can handle your carded fiber roll from existing production line and take it all the way to the final desired packaging.
Nearly everything is possible – it is your choice!


Filling material process

Carding pillow line consists of a fiber blending/opening system, web forming and lapping units. Then carded and cross lapped web enters the wind up unit that automatically rolls the lapped fiber to the correct weight, cuts and discharges the final rolled carded fiber batt.

  • Polyester fiber bale opening
  • Blending unit
  • Polyester fiber fine opening
  • Wadding recycling unit

Stuffing, closing and levelling

BORSOI automatic rolled carded fiber pillow stuffing and closing can be integrated with any existing carded pillow lines. It is a flexible solution for managing all possible pillow configurations and sizes. A unique combination with ultrasonic welded shell preparation is available.

  • Pillow shell automatic warehousing
  • Pillow shell forming
  • Pillow shell unfolding and loading
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Manual and automatic lockstitch closing
  • Manual and automatic overlock closing
  • Manual and automatic ultrasonic welding
  • Pillow levelling
  • Metal detection
  • UV processing


Any pillow has to delivered to the end user and packing is a key element of the overall product. The wrapping material and the packaging shape are becoming more and more a marketing item: the pillow packaging serves to contain, identify, describe, protect, display, promote and otherwise make the product marketable and keep it clean.

  • Multi-packing
  • Plastic bag packing
  • Flat packing
  • Carton box erection
  • Box filling
  • Big bag filling
  • Palletization
  • Stretch wrapping
  • Automatic warehousing

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